The ACES Systems’ Model 550 Optical ACES TraX is a state of the art, semi-permanently mounted optical camera that automates the task of obtaining accurate blade track data when used in conjunction with certain ACES Systems’ analyzers.

  • Our ACES TraX is lightweight, compact, semi-permanently mounted tracking, easy, convenient and quick to set up.  
  • The device provides tip path measurements without the use of tip targets or stroboscopic lights.  If the aircraft has tip targets installed, you are not required to remove them in order to utilize the ACES TraX.  
  • Key components of the ACES TraX are a rugged black ABS plastic body with integrated cable and adjustable mount assemblies with integral suction cup mount.
  • The cable on the ACES TraX terminates in a rugged MS3116F10-6S connector that will attach directly to the MS3112E10-6P connector marked "AUX/COMM" on the analyzer.