Rotor Track And Balance
The VIPER II is a versatile yet compact instrument that combines all of the diverse technologies required for high-end engine vibration analysis, transient balancing, rotor track and balance, fan trim balancing, propeller balancing and acoustic analysis into one tool. All of these aviation maintenance analysis functions can be easily performed on virtually any airframe and engine type using the VIPER II.

Transient Balancing
With the increased performance of the VIPER II, Transient Balancing comes to the flight line in a single piece of ground support equipment. Transient Balancing provides an automated method of monitoring all engine speeds during a balance run giving test cell quality balance results to flight line technicians. Due to heavy computational requirements, this procedure was not previously possible.

New Features of the VIPER II

  • The computing power necessary for sampling, storing and processing large amounts of data is available to the on-wing technician
  • Balance results correlate directly with vibration measurements because the data is taken under similar engine loading conditions
  • With ACES Artificial Intelligence, balances are continually adjusted for changing engine responses to weight adjustments
  • Up to a 67% reduction in data acquisition time can be achieved over complex multi-point balance runs.